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Welcome to the Contractor Management Knowledge Center. Contractor management is an important aspect of occupational safety, as safety risks tend to increase as more contractors are added into a workplace. This is due to the increased complexity of administering and enforcing compliance of a common set of safety standards and behaviors among a disparate group of workers.

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The following Q&A is from our Ask Me Anything (AMA) broadcast hosted by Safeopedia. The AMA was presented as a follow-up to our Qualifying Contractors: Risks and Best Practices webinar presented in September. Links to both (more...)

For many purchasing organizations, contracted services are frequently the largest single source of risk to the organization. While compliance and reputational risk frequently are top-of-mind and in the news when considering potential (more...)

Contractor and supplier prequalification is a key component to a good risk management program. The prequalification process must not only vet your contractors and suppliers, but also address the needs of the various stakeholders involved (more...)

Please join us as we welcome Patrick Robinson as he walks us through the Contractor Prequalification Best Practices he's gathered and implemented over his 31-year career. His expertise is based on experience derived from both the owner (more...)

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Prequalifying contractors is an incredibly important step in the contractor management process. Prequalification is the preliminary stage in the bidding process where the goal is to learn whether a (more...)

The following document is a deep dive into qualifying contractors. It was born from our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session which was presented as a follow-up to our Qualifying Contractors: Risks and Best (more...)

Managing a project of any size requires collaborating with multiple teams, vendors, and contractors, each presenting their own unique challenges and requirements for completion. But you don’t just (more...)

Our corporate clients often ask us two questions. The first is: “Are there any legal requirements for tracking vendor certificates of insurance?”The simple answer to that question is "no." The real (more...)

It is often difficult to know where to start when creating a prequalification program. This checklist will hopefully be of some help in determining the type of information you may want to collect and (more...)

Top 5 Purchaser Behaviors to AvoidContractor pre-qualification can be time consuming and administratively daunting for both purchasers and contractors. By avoiding or reducing the common behaviors (more...)

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Hiring a contractor comes with risks

Bringing in outside contractors comes with some risks. Find out what steps you can take to minimize them.

contractor management

Using outsourced labor? Find out where your blind spots are - and what you might be missing.

How to reduce your risk when hiring contractors

Hiring contractors means your company is taking on additional risks, no matter how careful you are. These must-haves will help you stay protected.

What's Wrong with In-House Prequalification Systems?

In-house prequalifications can be a hassle for a growing company. Learn about their limitations and the alternative you should be considering.

How to Effectively Manage a Sub-Contractor Safety Advisor

When working as a safety professional for a prime contractor, there is a big chance that you will have to manage multiple sub-contractors and their safety personnel....

The Case for Prequalifying Contractors and Suppliers

Even the safest companies run risks when they bring a contractor on board. Find out how prequalification can help you prevent those risks.

The Truth About Certificates of Insurance

There are common confusions and misconceptions about certificates of insurance (COI). If you deal with contractors or suppliers, here's what you need to know about COI's.

Connecting the Dots: Safety and Profitability

Business owners are used to thinking of safety as an expense, so they often fail to notice how profitable it can be to run a safe business. This article connects the...

Contractor Prequalification: Top 5 Purchaser Behaviors to Avoid

CQN explains what not to do when prequalifying contractors. Learn the top 5 behaviors to avoid when prequalifying.

Contractor Management Automation: 9 Things to Consider

Patrick Robinson offers insight into what considerations should be made when thinking about automating your file management system.

Why don't in-house contractor prequalification systems work?

In all fairness, some in-house systems work very well. Smaller companies that only deal with a limited number of contractors at one location are often successful. Large...

Can implementing a rigorous safety culture actually reduce costs?

One of the of the easiest ways to reduce cost is to cut the cost of your insurance premiums. Many companies don’t recognize that insurance costs are controllable costs –...

How do you go about changing the culture?

Changing a company’s safety culture is not easy to accomplish, but it doesn’t have to be too difficult. Over the years, we have seen companies make significant changes...

Which components in the contractor prequalification process, if not addressed, could result in the largest legal ramifications?

Two of the highest value prequalification activities that do the most to limit legal exposure are contractor assessments and adequate insurance. Contractor assessment is...

Should the contractor prequalification process be the same for all contractors or should the process be tailored to the contractor?

There are a few critical elements that apply to all contractors universally, and that list, while short, covers a broad range of due diligence in the majority of cases....