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Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS)

Last updated: March 19, 2018

What Does Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS) Mean?

A construction site safety supervisor (CSSS) is the individual responsible for designing and implementing safety regulations and ensuring compliance with general health and safety legislation in order to minimize the probability of workplace accidents on construction sites. Daily inspections and audits are carried out and their results are recorded. Recommendations are made in order to address any shortcomings in health and safety practices that have been identified.

Safeopedia Explains Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS)

Construction sites are responsible for a large proportion of workplace accidents, and the construction site safety supervisor strives to implement measures aimed at reducing the incidence of construction site accidents. In general, such a supervisor would be in possession of a post secondary degree as well as several years of work experience. The BCSP (Board of Certified Safety Professionals) certification is required for most CSSS positions. The supervisor is responsible for all work conducted on a construction site including the work practices of subcontractors and temporary workers.


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