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Karoly Ban Matei

HR and Safety Manager


After completing a bachelor degree in Economics with a major in Management, Karoly spent a few years working as an economist in his native country before immigrating to Canada. His background in practicing and facilitating extreme sports (climbing, spelunking, parachuting), gave him a good understanding of how to control and mitigate hazards, so he soon switched his career to occupational health and safety.

Early on his new journey, while training fall protection, he saw the influence he had on his trainees and realized how much he could learn from them. He used this knowledge to improve the health and safety system of the organization he was working for and discovered that this is what he enjoys the most: developing and improving health and safety programs.

Karoly has worked at a senior level (both as an employee and a contractor) for organizations in the construction and manufacturing industries. He likes to say that he knows something about everything, but not everything about something. This motivates him to continuously learn new things. As you learn you gain new perspectives that push you to change and improve, so it comes as no surprise that his favorite quote is: “Change before you have to!”

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