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Controlling Employer

What Does Controlling Employer Mean?

On a job site where multiple employers are present, the controlling employer is the one who holds supervisory authority and is accountable for compliance. They also have the authority to require other employers to correct health an7d safety violations on the shared site.

Safeopedia Explains Controlling Employer

The controlling employer is responsible for ensuring that safe working practices are followed on their worksite. However, they are not required to have the same level of knowledge of the trade or inspect for hazards as frequently as the hired contractor.

Some factors that affect how often the controlling employer must inspect a worksite to meet the standard of reasonable care include:

  • The scale of the project and the nature of the work
  • The contractor's level of expertise
  • The contractor's history of safety compliance
  • The contractor's safety policies and practices

Avoiding OSHA Citations

Since the controlling employer bears the responsibility for ensuring a safe jobsite, they typically take steps to ensure that they hire contractors that are less likely to be compliant and adhere to safety best practices.

Doing so can involve:

  • Evaluating the safety record of contractors and subcontractors
  • Assessing the contractor and subcontractor's safety policies to ensure they are adequate
  • Developing a safety plan for the project, outlining the responibilities of each party
  • Conducting training sessions with contractors and subcontractors before the work begins

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