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Welcome to the Hearing Protection Knowledge Center. Noise is a big part of almost any workplace. But because it's so prevalent, it's easy to start getting comfortable with it and ignore the risks that come with exposure. How many factory workers have taken off their earmuffs to have a conversation, even though loud, heavy machinery was running nearby? And how many construction workers bother putting their earplugs in if they're just going to make one quick cut with the circular saw? Browse the content and don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or would like to see a particular angle covered. Want Safeopedia educational content delivered right to your inbox?

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Industrial workers are individuals with unique hearing protection needs. Differences in fit, job requirements, communication needs, and personal preferences influence the selection of hearing protection and the successful use of that (more...)

Hearing loss is one of many safety issues that permeate almost every workplace but is seldom discussed in the open. Protecting workers from noise-induced hearing loss requires a set of interventions at every level. Engineering and (more...)

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This whitepaper considers the socio-economic burden of noise-induced hearing loss on both workers and businesses, examining its causes, the risks it poses, and strategies for mitigating it.

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Hearing loss in the workplace is a serious and growing concern. Learn why hearing PPE is not being used, and what you can do to change this statistic.