Pre-Brief Meeting

Last updated: May 13, 2019

What Does Pre-Brief Meeting Mean?

A pre-brief meeting is a small meeting or pre-meeting before the actual meeting that management uses to carry out the outline of the upcoming meeting.

Although you may not be familiar with this term, you have likely heard of debriefing, which comes after the meeting and involves management determining the success level of the meeting.

The pre-brief meeting is an excellent tool because it takes some of the pressure off of the management team who has to sit in the meeting. This practice may give you more time to focus on the topics you need to discuss in the meeting. By going through the agenda of the meeting before the actual meeting, you may gain additional perspective, and you might be able to discuss the agenda at a higher level.

Safeopedia Explains Pre-Brief Meeting

There are three simple steps regarding the pre-brief meeting that will be discussed below and that may help you in preparing and setting a great tone for the actual meeting.

First, state all the points clearly that you and the team need to discuss during the meeting. This meeting could be with a possible client, or it could be a meeting with upper management regarding any agenda. If it’s a meeting with a possible long-term client, you must address all the points clearly so all parties are in accord. Express your point of view clearly to bring the team together on one point, and create a step-by-step plan for the upcoming meeting.

Next, if you are going to participate in the meeting with a client or upper management, you must consider all the possible options. Discuss the agenda within the team during the pre-brief meeting to get insight from all the participants. Seeing things from a different perspective may help you come up with an even better approach for the actual meeting.

Lastly, this pre-brief meeting process helps you by filling in all the blanks of the upcoming meeting agenda. If you don’t have full control over the agenda of the meeting, it's possible that you may miss discussing an important point during the actual meeting. The pre-brief meeting ensures full preparation and enhances the chances that the meeting will be successful.

These three simple considerations of the pre-brief meeting are very important for the actual meeting, and they could potentially help change the course of the upcoming meeting. After the pre-brief meeting, you should feel more confident during the actual meeting, and you will have a more complete grasp over all the essential points of the agenda that need to be discussed.


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