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Removal of pollution or contaminants from the environment such as groundwater, rivers, streams, lakes, other surface water, sediment, and soil is critical. There is also the threat of asbestos, PCB’s, lead, etc. on many construction sites. It may be obvious that these contaminants can negatively impact human health and the environment, but what about the workforce that is tasked with removing those contaminants? Workers must be educated and take the proper precautions, including wearing the right PPE and using the right equipment, for these dangerous tasks.

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Workers can unknowingly bring home hazardous substances on their clothes, shoes, skin, tools, and vehicle interiors, leaving family members vulnerable to health impacts. Are you protecting yourself and your family? Do you work in (more...)

Emergency safety showers are designed to keep workers safe from chemical hazards while on the job. To avoid further injury to users, emergency safety showers must provide a steady stream of tepid water – not too hot, not too cold, (more...)

This webinar is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of the standards, requirements, and techniques for fit testing respirators. We will review the OSHA and CSA requirements for fit testing respirators as well as the various (more...)

Choosing protective garments for use in painting or coating activities can be a challenging task. Workers who apply paint need dependable protection against dust, sprays and liquid splashes and may need different protection depending on a (more...)

According to the CDC, it is estimated that 20 million workers use PPE on a regular basis to protect them from job hazards.PPE protects workers from death, disabling injuries and illness; as well as from threats of exposures to certain (more...)

Join us to learn more about WHMIS 2015. Its history, upcoming changes, and how it'll impact your operations. Topics for this session will include:WHMIS history in Canada and internationallyWHMIS changes in Canada, including timelines (more...)

Join Safety Talks host Calvin Simpson as he speaks with Transportation of Dangerous Goods expert Tracey Thibeau and former federal radiation and TDG Inspector, Corie Doyle. Take part in the conversation as they answer your questions during (more...)

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What sort of procedures and exercises can one expect to perform during the fit test?

Respirator fit tests are meant to assess the effectiveness of a mask in a variety of circumstances in order to ensure it will function properly for the employee. Of...

Regarding a fit test, what is the rainbow passage and why is it said?

When it comes to respirators, fit testing is critically important, and OSHA advocates for it on a regular basis. Though it can be laborious and time consuming, it helps...