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Construction Safety Plan

Last updated: May 31, 2019

What Does Construction Safety Plan Mean?

A construction safety plan is a document that outlines the procedures, rules, and regulations that are or will be put in place to protect workers over the course of a construction project. The document should not only focus on preventing accidents but also lay out responses to safety incidents, including rescue operations, emergency medical services, and post-incident review processes.

Although the construction safety plan should be drafted before the construction project is underway, it should be a flexible document that is readily adapted when there are changes to the project or new hazards are discovered on the job site.

Safeopedia Explains Construction Safety Plan

A construction safety plan should at a minimum include the following:

  • Responsibilities and chains of command: Who is primarily responsible for safety on the site? Who is responsible in their absence? Which members of the on-site team have completed first aid or other types of emergency response training?
  • Medical response: What medical services or devices are available on-site? How will emergency responders be contacted in the event of an injury, fire, or rescue?
  • Inspections: How and how often are safety inspections going to be carried out? Who will perform them?
  • Communication: How will safety protocols, procedures, and other information be communicated to workers? Who will conduct toolbox talks? What tasks will require a brief refresher any time a new employee is assigned to them?
  • Cleaning and organization: What regular housekeeping tasks are required? Who will be tasked with completing them and who is charged with ensuring that all equipment is properly stored after the work is completed or suspended for the day?
  • Safety gear: What PPE will be required for which tasks? How often must it be inspected or replaced?
  • Accident reporting: What are the post-accident procedures? How will incidents be documented?
  • Contractor management: How will contractor and contractor safety and training be ensured?


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