What your first aid kit needs to contain

Wondering how to make your first aid kit comply with workplace safety regulations? Find out what items it needs to contain.

How to Create Work Zone Awareness When Doing Road Work

Motorists are one of the biggest hazards facing road crews. Guiding the traffic is crucial to keeping everyone safe from harm.

Inspecting automotive lifts

Do you know what your obligations are when it comes to inspecting automotive lifts? Find out what you need to know to stay compliant and keep workers safe.

How to Choose the Right Hearing Protection

Earplugs or earmuffs - how do you choose? Find out how each protect hearing and how to pick the right one.

Improving employee engagement with tech

Disengaged workers are associated with a 49% increase in workplace accidents. Find out how technology can help you keep your employees engaged.

Workplace Bullying: An Act of War Threatening the Health and Safety of Your Employees

Bullying can have a serious impact on health and safety in your workplace. Learn more about its effects and how to identify bullying behavior.

Benefits of in-house safety trainer

Your business has a lot riding on its safety program. Find out how hiring a permanent trainer can enhance the safety of your workplace.

Everything You Need to Know to Write An Effective OHS Policy Statement

If you've been tasked with writing your company's OHS policy statement, here's what you need to include.

Safety and rattlesnakes

You would never ignore a snake in your area, so why are you doing it with other hazards?

Confined space entry

Confined space entry is dangerous and detailed work. Make sure your safety program contains at least these elements.

Do employers pay for all PPE?

Who pays for the PPE? The employees who wear and care for it, or the employers who require it? Find out what the regulations say.

Footwear to prevent slips, trips, and falls

Not all safety shoes and boots provide protection against slips and trips. Find out how to select footwear that will keep you safe and upright.

Safety certifications 101

With so many safety certifications to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. Learn more about certifications and how to know which is right for you.

Using kaizen to improve safety

Kaizen can do wonders for workplace safety, but too many people want to complicate it. Find out how to keep it simple and effective.

Lockout/Tagout Procedure Overview

Inadequate lockout/tagout procedures can be fatal. Find out how to build the right safeguards into your LOTO process.


What is a worker-powered organization?

Unfortunately, a large component of failure for digital transformation is the mindset that technology, and specifically software, should be focused on transactions....

Some cut resistant gloves have unprotected areas

That's a great question, and the answer is a bit complex because all cut resistant gloves are basically cut resistant in their entirety, with very few exceptions....

How can I give my team a worker powered mindset?

The daily experience of the average worker has become increasingly complex. With ever-increasing responsibilities and a broadening scope of their jobs, workers are still...

Can connected safety and smart PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) really improve safety?

In the world of industrial safety, forward-thinking manufacturers are turning personal protective equipment (PPE) into personal preventive equipment – giving...

What clothing should I wear inside a cleanroom?

Good question. The answer depends on what type of cleanroom you are entering.By definition, a cleanroom is:A room in which the concentration of airborne particles is...

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