Worker using circular saw

Hands are engaged in almost every work task. That puts them at high risk of serious injury. Find out how to keep them safe.

QUIZ: Are You Protecting Your Ears As Much As You Should Be?

Hearing loss is very serious, especially when it's a result of improper hearing protection being used at work. Test your knowledge on hearing protection at the job site...

Safety talk in warehouse

Toolbox talks are simple and a little bit informal, but they are powerful safety tools. Find out why they make your employees work better and safer.

Safety inspection

Preparing properly for your next safety inspection will ensure that your company exceeds expectations. Find out what steps to take here.

Construction site

Compared to most professions, construction comes with a high risk of injury and fatality. Find out how to keep workers safe on the construction site.

Safety professional and management in warehouse

Corrective action reports make addressing safety concerns simpler and more efficient. Find out how.

Heavy machinery

Will you be operating heavy machinery? Here's the kind of training you'll need.

A Primer on Earplugs

Earplugs seem simple, but with different styles to choose from, there are a few things to consider. Here's what you need to know about them.

Why Creating a Safety Culture Is Better Than Relying on Compliance

Learn why reaction-based safety programs yield lower compliance rates compared to getting buy-in to workplace safety culture.

12 types of safety gloves and when you need them

It can be hard to select the right safety gloves, so we've put together a comprehensive list of the major safety glove types and when you might need them.

Desk Jockey

As a safety professional, where do you spend most of your time? If you spend it at your desk, here are ten reasons that's a problem.

What HAZMAT levels mean

HAZMAT levels allow workers to remain safe when working with hazardous materials - but only if they know what they mean.

Oil rig worker

Safety training is required by OSHA, so it pays to get it right. Find out what is required of your training program.

Emergency lighting and exit sign

An emergency management plan can help mitigate the damage when the unexpected happens. But what should be included in yours?

Keen Work Boots

To keep you safe, your work boots also need to be comfortable. Find out how to select comfortable work boots and troubleshoot common problems.


Chemicals stored in warehouse

The term GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. It classifies chemicals and communicates hazard and health and safety...

Worker at height

Fall protection technology has to satisfy some basic criteria:It has to be effective in stopping falls and limiting injuriesIt can't be so cumbersome that it creates...

How does dehydration impact workplace safety?

Up to 60% of the adult human body is water. Water plays a role in most bodily functions including lubricating your eyes and joints, keeping your skin healthy, helping to...

Fall protection harness

When a worker falls to another level, they should come to rest suspended by their personal fall arrest system. For for that to happen, however, some informed forethought...

How can performance reviews be used as part of safety culture and maintaining a safe work environment?

By making sure each employee's safety responsibilities are embedded within their job descriptions, and a key component of performance reviews, you are making safety...

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