How to manage growing contractor pools

Are you able to handle a growing pool of contractors? Find out how the right software can help.

The Dangers of Gas in a Confined Space

Toxic and flammable gases accumulate in many confined spaces. Learn about the risks and what you can do about them.

Lone worker safety

Working alone comes with extra risks. Find out how to keep lone worker safe.

Should you contest an OSHA citation?

OSHA citations can be costly, but not all of them are worth contesting. Find out when to contest them and why it's sometimes better to let them slide.

Maintaining Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic systems are a key feature in many production lines, and their failure can be costly and dangerous. Learn about the best way to prevent this.

Confined Space Safety 101: First Steps You Need to Take Before Sending Workers into a Confined Space

Safety in confined spaces is particularly challenging. Find out what you need to know before sending workers into one.

Safety info every worker should know

Safety regulations, technology, and research are always evolving. Use these sites to stay up to date.

Dropped object solutions

How do you prevent tools and other objects from falling while working at height? This video demonstrates three simple but effective dropped object solutions.

Important safety technology trends from the last year

2018 is an exciting year for the safety industry. Learn about the most important developments in the field over the last year.

5 Benefits of Automating Your Contractor Management

Manual contractor management is inefficient. Learn 5 ways you can benefit from automating it.

5 Ways to Foster Accountability and Improve Safety Culture

Is your workplace accountable when it comes to safety? Find out why it should be and how to achieve it.

Tepid safety shower

Emergency safety showers must deliver tepid water when used. Find out what that means and how you can achieve it.

Choosing safety gloves for cut and impact protection

Cuts and impacts don't sound like the worst workplace accidents, but anything that harms a worker's hands can significantly affect their quality of life and ability to...

Insect protection wellness program

Insects aren't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about work-related hazards, but they need to be taken seriously. Find out why and what to do about the...

Best practices for electrical safety

Nearly every industry has electrical hazards, but not every safety program is designed to handle them well. Incorporate these 3 pillars to keep your workers safe.


How does contesting an OSHA citation affect your risk of repeat inspection or citation?

OSHA bases citation severity decisions on several criteria, and one of those is whether or not the company under audit has a history (usually 3 years) of the same or...

What is the difference between occupational safety and process safety?

There are a few differences between the two and it will be helpful to go over the basic ones.Hazard SeverityOccupational safety involves the safety of the workplace,...

What respirator do you need for the summer?

While some respirators are intended for cold weather use, you won’t generally find ones specifically for use in hot weather. During those warm summer months, your...

What do I need to think about to choose the best construction gloves for the job I'm doing?

Construction environments are dynamic and host a diverse set of hazards. When selecting the proper gloves to protect your hands on a construction site, a thorough hazard...

What is hyponatremia and when is it a risk in the workplace?

It has a fancy-sounding scientific name, but hyponatremia is means something really simple: low levels of sodium in the blood.According to the Mayo Clinic, hyponatremia...

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