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Blasting Agent

A blasting agent is a substance or mixture made up of fuel and an oxidizer that is utilized for blasting purposes. It is not, however, classified as an explosive, as some of its ingredients are explosives (Read on)

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All workers have a right to a safe and healthy workplace. The staffing agency, as well as the staffing agency’s client (the host employer) are considered to be joint employers of... (Read on)
Managing Pedestrians at Work

Areas in which there is a high proportion of vehicle and pedestrian traffic can be difficult to keep safe. Learn more about strategies to keep pedestrians safe on the worksite.
Congratulations, You Got the Safety Job! Now What?

Have you just landed your first safety job? Having a reliable checklist is an important way to make sure you do the job well. This series of posts will cover, in detail, five important items that should be on your safety checklist.
The Importance of Waste from a Health and Safety Perspective

The production and disposal of waste products at the workplace is a cause for great concern, though is rarely given thought to. Learn how to properly dispose of waste products and how to protect workers when doing so.
Using Online Safety Management to Transform On-site Processes

The management of safety information is one of the last areas of business to go through a technology transformation. Find out what can be achieved when you update your safety management technology.
HIV/AIDS and the Workplace

HIV/AIDS in the workplace is a concern that many employees and employers are unsure of how to bring up. Learn more about the condition, and what it means to have HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
Your Incentives Are Compromising Safety Culture

Is your incentive program compromising safety in your workplace? Find out why your safety program might be doing more harm than good and how to do incentives the right way.
Implementing a Safety Culture: Speak Up for Safety

Implementing a Safety Culture: Speak Up for Safety. Safety needs to be rooted in the culture of a company.
Keeping Workers Safe and Reducing Employer Liability

A rise in job site fatalities and cases of employers facing serious repercussions have made employer liability an important topic across a number of industries. Learn the basics of employer liability and how to keep your employees safe and avoid fines.
Using Rich Media to Enhance EHS Reporting

Devices to capture rich media are now convenient and commonplace, but many safety professionals are not yet taking full advantage of them. This article covers the benefits of using rich media in Environmental Health and Safety reporting.
Why Quality Work Pants Matter More Than You Think

Even people who care about safety often overlook the importance of work pants. Find out what common injuries can be avoided with high quality work pants.
Technology Adoption in the Workplace: Top Three Myths Debunked

Are you reluctant to adopt mobiles forms solutions for your Environmental Health and Safety team? This article debunks the top three misconceptions that make safety professionals cling to outdated analog data collection tools.
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Work

Carbon footprint reduction strategies should be considered by business owners. There are many long-term changes that business can adopt to become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint.
2 Things to Consider When Measuring Your Company's Health and Safety Performance

Leading and lagging indicators are a great way of measuring a company's health and safety program. Learn more about what these are and what they mean to health and safety.
Creating a Behavioral Safety Program

We have entered a new era of workplace safety but many companies are still lagging behind. Learn some of the common safety program mistakes and how you can steer your company in the right direction.
Benefits of Expedited EHS Reporting

With the help of mobile and handheld technology, EHS reporting can happen almost instantly. Learn about the benefits of expedited EHS reporting.
4 Ways Climate Change Is Affecting Your Employees

The effects of climate change must be considered in all areas of life. Find out how climate change effects your workers and what you can do to mitigate associated risks.
How Lean Manufacturing Can Help Your Company Succeed

Eliminating waste helps your company succeed and profit. Learn about the Seven Deadly Wastes and how Lean Manufacturing principles can help you eliminate them.
How Engaged Are Your Employees?

How Engaged Are Your Employees? Engaged employees are 5x less likely to have a safety incident and 7x less likely to have a lost-time incident.
Indoor Air Quality: 7 Basic Questions about Moulds

Indoor air quality is one of the top health concerns. Find out what causes mould growth, how it can affect your indoor air quality, and more in our answers to seven basic questions about moulds.
Hazard and Operability Studies: The Basics

Hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies are of great value to a company. Learn more about how to conduct a study and the necessary elements of the process.
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A blasting agent is a substance or mixture made up of fuel and an oxidizer that is utilized for blasting purposes. It is not, however, classified as an explosive, Read more

A blood agent is a toxic chemical agent that gets absorbed into the blood. They are absorbed very quickly, and consist of potentially lethal poisons. At room Read more

Distilled spirits are alcoholic beverages that are obtained by distillation from wine or some other type of fermented fruit, or a plant juice from a starchy Read more

An explosive chemical is a solid or liquid chemical which, in and of itself, is capable of a chemical reaction by producing gas at a temperature and pressure Read more

An explosive is a substance that holds a huge amount of stored energy. When that energy is released, the material inside the device expands to many times greater Read more
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