Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Grease Traps

Grease traps are essential for restaurants and industrial kitchens, but they need to be cleaned properly. Find out when, how, and why you should do it.

How to handle an OSHA inspection

The OSHA inspector is at your door. What should you do? Follow these steps to avoid or limit the amount of fines.

Risks of working under the sun

It's more than just sunburns. Learn about the sun-related risks outdoor workers face.

An Intro to Self-Retracting Lanyards

This piece of safety equipment is designed to arrest the fall of a worker who is working at height. Find out more here.

How to Complete a Respirator Fit Test

A respirator that doesn't fit properly won't ensure the user's safety. Check out this article on fit tests to learn the essentials.

How to manage carbon monoxide risks in loading docks

Carbon monoxide exposure isn't always taken seriously as a loading dock hazard but it could be fatal. Learn how to manage the risks.

Quiz: The Outdoor Worker Skin Protection Quiz

Not only does skin protection fall under OSHA guidelines, but issues such as insect bites, sunburn and exposure to poisonous plants can seriously hamper worker...

Safety info every worker should know

When it comes to safety, knowledge is power. Find out what every worker should know before stepping foot in the workplace.

6 Serious Consequences of Heat Stress

Knowing the effects of heat stress is one of the best tools for keeping workers safe during the hotter months. Get started by learning six of its serious consequences.

Tips for Handling and Storing Chemical Drums

Improperly handling or storing chemical drums can have serious consequences. Follow these tips.

Safety shouldn't be one person's responsibility

How many dragon slayers are in your company? Find out why every employee needs to be involved in addressing safety issues.

How to Prevent Fall Protection Equipment Malfunction

Falls are the number one cause of fatality in the construction industry. Fall protection equipment can help prevent workers from serious injury or death but only if it's...

Other signs of dehydration

Feeling thirsty isn't the only sign of dehydration. Learn what to watch for and when to take action.

6 Workplace Safety Technologies Every Company Should Know About

If you've been doing safety the same way for the last few years, you're due for an upgrade. Here are six kinds of tech you should consider adopting.

The 20 best safety slogans

Safety slogans don't always seem important, but they matter more than you might realize. Here are 20 you should start promoting in your workplace.


Outdoor worker sunscreen tips

With outdoors workers having triple the risk of getting skin cancer (compared to indoor workers), sun protection is a topic worth talking about. And as warmer weather...

Things to know about an OSHA investigation

There is always some stress and upheaval when an OSHA compliance officer shows up at your workplace. You can't unreasonably interfere with their investigation, but...

Emergency showers for remote locations

Health and safety in remote work environments can be challenging. But when safety standards and best practices require you to have an emergency shower on site, you&rsquo...


Hydration at the workplace is an important issue – there’s no question about that. But when your employees resist taking regular drinks because they don'...

NAIL4PET accreditation and why it matters

NAIL4PET is an acronym for The National Association of Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing. The abreviation is quite handy because, as you can see,...

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