How Safety Professionals Can Overcome 'Old Dog' Attitudes

Experienced workers aren't always eager to adopt safety procedures. Here are some strategies to secure buy in from seasoned employees.

Fire extinguisher in a workplace

Selecting a fire extinguisher is not as easy as it looks. Find out about the different classes of fire and which type of extinguisher is appropriate for each of them.

Factory Floor

ISO 45001 can help you establish and improve your safety management system. Here is an overview of what it does.

Debunking 6 Common Fire Sprinkler Myths

Many commercial buildings aren't equipped with fire sprinklers to keep employees and property protected in the event of a fire. Here, we debunk six myths that may be...

WIS #18 - Value of Learning  Worker's Individuality

Join us as we dive into a great discussion with Kathleen Dobson of Alberici Constructors and Amy Parent of Goodyear about the value of learning about our Workers...

Violence in the Workplace: Recognize the Risk and Take Action

Workplace violence is on the rise. Learn what you can do to recognize the risks and keep your workers and yourself out of harm's way.

WIS #17 - Accidents Waiting in the Perfect Storm

Join us as Ashling Boyd and Darren Sutton talk about a real life accident our guest lived through. Darren Sutton talks with...

AEDs in the Workplace

AEDs can dramatically change the outcome of sudden cardiac arrest. Learn how an AED can benefit your employees and how easily they can be used.

How to handle an OSHA inspection

The OSHA inspector is at your door. What should you do? Follow these steps to avoid or limit the amount of fines.

Safety View: The Myth of Crisis Leadership

On this Safety View Rosa leads our session to discuss "The Myth of Crisis Leadership: a Practical Approach to Stress Management".Every day we are showered with...

Replenishing electrolytes at work is essential for safety and productivity

Electrolytes need to be replenished throughout the work day. Find out what they do for your body and how to keep your electrolyte levels up.

Safety Talks #18 - Heat Stress Preparedness

Join us! In this episode of Safety Talk Adrianna Carrera of Magid and Bob Gardner of Abco Safety share their knowledge and expertise about heat stress. Their insights...

Workers drinking coffee outdoors

Most people don't realize that working in cold weather conditions can cause dehydration. Find out why and what you can do about it.

Safety Coffee Chat: Behavior is the Least Reliable Intervention

Jim Spigener of Dekra says ... "The bad news is we are still highly dependent on behavior!Come join us as Jim Spigener, Chief Client Officer of Dekra, holds a "...

Hydration in the Workplace Is Not Just a Summer Issue

Staying hydrated in the dead of winter can be a challenge. Find out why and how to avoid winter dehydration.


Home office

As someone who has worked from home for the last seven years or so, I know that there are some important safety considerations even when you're not on a job site...

What PPE should I use when working at home?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is your last line of defense against hazards. They're the protective articles you wear on your person (like safety glasses and...

What key points should I include in a safety talk about slips, trips, and falls?

Slips, trips, and falls are among the leading cause of injuries in the US, often resulting in sprains, strains, fractures, broken bones, or concussions.Millions of slips...

How can the right footwear help prevent slips, trips, and falls?

Wearing the wrong footwear can increase your chances of slipping or tripping. Injuries due to slips, trips, and falls cost the US billions of dollars each year and are...

Why are sodium and other electrolytes important for worker health and hydration?

In the conversation about hydration, the term "electrolyte" comes up often. It’s common knowledge that water is the key to proper hydration – so...

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