Worker in hard hat, safety glasses, and hi-vis clothing

Having PPE designed specifically for women isn't a luxury - it's a way to ensure regulatory compliance. Learn more about why women-specific PPE matters.

Foundry work

Heavy PPE isn't always optional and neither is hydration. Find out how to avoid dehydration while sweating it out in heavy gear.

Workplace wellness

Many workplace safety issues can be mitigated simply by improving workplace wellness. Here's how.

Flame-resistant rainwear

Conventional rainwear doesn't provide adequate protection from arc flashes and flash fires. Find out how to get the protection you need.

Using tablet in industrial setting

New technology always raises concerns, but that shouldn't scare us away from managing safety and security with cloud-based apps. Find out why.

Considering Comfort in Women's PPE

Women often have to settle for PPE that is sized for men's body types. Find out why that's a safety issue.

Storage tank entry

The majority of confined space fatalities occur with rescuers who are not properly trained or equipped. Find out how to conduct a proper confined space rescue.

Confined space

How do you know you've entered a confined space? The answer isn't as simple as you might think. Learn more about this and other misconceptions.

Worker at height in fall protection gear

Falls continue to be a common cause of workplace fatalities. Find out what's behind them and what we can do to keep workers safe.

Ralf Geithe/iStock

Visitors to your site pose a risk - do you know how to manage it? Find out why tracking software makes a big difference.

Fall Arrest Systems: Can You Tie Off at Your Feet?

When anchorage options are limited, is it safe to tie off at foot level? Find out what you need to know before resorting to this.

Contractor management software

Contractor management isn't just for construction projects. Learn why it is practically essential for those managing large or complex facilities.

slip on banana peel

Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of injury both in the working world and at home. Learn what you can do to prevent these accidents from occurring.

Worker with harness

Every worker knows they need to don their fall protection equipment, but they might not know all the ways a fall can harm them even with their gear on.

6 Workplace Safety Technologies Every Company Should Know About

If you've been doing safety the same way for the last few years, you're due for an upgrade. Here are six kinds of tech you should consider adopting.


What are some of the guidelines around using back support belts in the workplace?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), back injuries have a high prevalence in the workplace and cost the economy anywhere from 20 to 50...

When should you consider using custom molded earplugs?

Hearing protection is no joke. Safe, reliable earplugs must be worn to protect workers from loud environments, but how do you know what style is going to be best?One...

How long should my work boots last?

Your work boots could last anywhere between several months and several years. It all depends on a number of factors:The quality of your work bootsThe material they'...

Entering a confined space

Entering confined spaces is a common practice for many workers, and thoughtful selection of equipment is a critical aspect of the process.OSHA defines a confined space...

Confined space warning sign

What Is a Confined Space?A confined space is a workspace that limits free movement while working, especially with regard to safe entry and exit. A relatively large space...

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