The different types of cooling PPE

Cooling PPE can help you prevent heat stress, but not all of it works in the same way. Find out which type is best for your work environment.

Safety and the Broken Windows Theory

Safety buy-in can be a difficult thing to achieve. Learn how to enforce safety rules while gaining the approval of employees.

How machine learning can improve workplace safety

Machine learning to reduce workplace incidents is promising, but is your company ready for it?

Chemical plant LOTO procedures

LOTO procedures for chemical plants are essential. Find out what your LOTO procedure needs to include.

Why we run toward danger

We have an instinctive pull toward danger. Understanding it can help us keep workers safe.

How to prepare successful safety moments

How can you be sure your safety moments are really working? Make sure it has these 4 elements.

How to select a respirator

Find out how the different respirators work and which one is best suited for your work application.

Workers at risk of certain fire hazards need rain gear that is also flame resistant

Selecting FR rainwear can be intimidating, so we'll walk you through it. Here are some basic considerations before selecting your PPE.

Choosing the right head protection PPE

Bump caps and hard hats both protect the head, but they're not used in the same situations. Find out when a bump cap is okay and when you need to reach for a hard hat...

Choosing safety gloves for cut and impact protection

Cuts and impacts don't sound like the worst workplace accidents, but anything that harms a worker's hands can significantly affect their quality of life and ability to...

Radio Etiquette for Safe and Effective Communication

Job site radio communication made easy. These simple etiquette tips can mean the difference between confusion and communication.

Steps to conducting a risk assessment

Risk assessments are a cornerstone of workplace safety. Find out how to conduct and effective and thorough one.

New firefighting tech

Technology is changing the way firefighters are training. Find out how.

The Proper Way to Conduct a Safety Audit

Safety audits are essential to workplace safety. This step-by-step guide will show you how to conduct one.

Not all safety managers are safety leaders

Not every safety manager is a safety leader. Find out why you should become one, and what it takes.


Bump cap styles

Bump caps are designed to protect against impact initiated by the worker. This includes bumping the head against low objects or against walls and obstacles in confined...

Cooling towel

Working in hot environments presents its challenges, one of which heat exhaustion and heat stroke. According to OSHA, heat stroke was the likely cause of 18 workplace...

Caring for FR rainwear

Let's start with the simple version of the answer:Keep it dryKeep it cleanRegularly inspect the product for damage or wearAnd of course, the number one way to care...

What are some good ways to replenish electrolytes at work?

Electrolytes are crucial for basic bodily functions. They interact with the body's cells to support the natural electrical impulses that make your neurons fire and...

Welding work

Welding presents various hazards, many of which specifically put the welder's hands at risk. According to guidelines from both OSHA and ANSI, gloves used for any...