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Safeopedia is the on-line encyclopedia of safety. The goal of Safeopedia is to provide easy access to occupational health and safety information and reinforce safe work practices.

All accidents are preventable so let's work together to improving the culture of public and workplace safety for everyone. Safety starts with you! Join the safety movement at


Scott Cuthbert - Co-founder

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Scott works with companies in the energy sector who recognize the value in leveraging technology to improve the quality of operational information and by doing so improve productivity, effectiveness and safety.

While working in the energy industry Scott realized how important safety is but also noticed how splintered safety is across the industry. As a technology guy with the desire to help improve the culture of health and safety Scott realized he could help the industry help itself by creating a platform for individuals, companies, associations, safety professions, and suppliers, to collaborate across this vast and widely divers industry.

Safety starts with you! Scott's mission is to enlist your help to improve the culture of safety across all industries. Join the safety movement at


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