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We've worked to assemble some of the best resources for safety professionals. This section includes whitepapers, excel templates, checklists, free reports, forms, and any other resource we feel adds value to those working in safety.
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Image for Sodium Intake and Long-Term Health Outcomes
Sodium plays an important role in allowing the human body to function properly, but most people are consuming far more than their bodies really need— and this can cause...
Image for Hydration and Medical Preconditions in the Workplace
Free Whitepaper: Hydration and Medical Preconditions in the Workplace
Image for 4 Keys to Leverage Data for Safety Management
This white paper presents four critical aspects of managing corporate information and data with a specific focus on Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental (OHSE)...
Image for Manage Your Health and Hydration at Home
Most of us are spending a lot more time at home these days. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the globe, the safest (and healthiest) m
Image for When Your Job Takes You to the Edge
This whitepaper explains what health and safety managers need to consider when selecting personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) for workers operating at height.
Image for A Guide to Qualifying Contractors: Risks and Best Practices
As more companies outsource work to contractors, contractor safety management becomes increasingly important.
Image for Setting the Record Straight
This whitepaper covers the risks associated with welding and what can be done to protect workers from some of them.
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