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What is a Sit-Stand Workstation?

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Linda Miller
Profile Picture of Linda Miller Linda established EWI Works in 1991 & has extensive experience in large-scale ergonomic projects involving design reviews & training. Industries include healthcare, utilities, forestry, mining and manufacturing. For two decades, she has presented at health & safety conferences & teaches at the University of Alberta.  Full Bio
Q:What is a Sit-Stand Workstation?

Calvin: It seems like the perfect time to talk about sit-stand workstations. Tell me a bit about sit-stand workstations. What are they?

Linda: Well, sit-stand workstations allow people to move from either a seated posture to a full standing posture. And why a lot of ergonomists, as well as people in general industry, like sit-stand workstations, is it does allow for some postural variation, and it also allows if I have a number of people using the same workstation, I can accommodate a number of people of different size and stature. So it's actually a really positive thing, but it has to be used correctly.

What is a Sit-Stand Workstation?

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