Certified Ergonomics Evaluation Specialist

Last updated: November 12, 2018

What Does Certified Ergonomics Evaluation Specialist Mean?

A certified ergonomics evaluation specialist plans and administers ergonomic evaluations in order to minimize the risk of workplace injuries and improve efficiency. He or she reports on these evaluations and makes recommendations based on its findings. Certification is achieved through a recognized training provider.

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Safeopedia Explains Certified Ergonomics Evaluation Specialist

In order to achieve certification, candidates must be intimately acquainted with OSHA and NIOSH guidelines, the ANSI protocol and clinical findings related to ergonomics. In order to achieve certification, the CEES exam must be passed. Preparation for certification ranges from practical certificate courses to university degrees. Areas of specialization include industrial ergonomics, office ergonomics and occupational ergonomics. After completion of a certificate course, field work and report submission are required in order to qualify for certification. Once qualified, the CEES evaluates the design of work stations and the way in which tasks are performed in order to prevent injuries related to poor ergonomics in the work environment.


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