Linda Miller



Linda established EWI Works in 1991 & has extensive experience in large-scale ergonomic projects involving design reviews & training. Industries include healthcare, utilities, forestry, mining and manufacturing. For two decades, she has presented at health & safety conferences & teaches at the University of Alberta.

Articles by Linda Miller

  • Considerations When Introducing Sit Stand Work Stations

    Sit stand work stations are becoming increasingly popular in office environments as a way of preventing injuries associated with prolonged sitting. Learn what elements should be considered when converting work stations to sit stand.

Q&A by Linda Miller

  • Ergonomics, where should I start?

    Calvin: In the big picture of things, say I’m an organization who is looking into implements ergonomics initiative. Where do I start? What sort of tips do you have? Linda: Well, I always tell people that you’re never going...

  • What is a sit-stand workstation?

    Calvin: It seems like the perfect time to talk about sit-stand workstations. Tell me a bit about sit-stand workstations. What are they? Linda: Well, sit-stand workstations allow people to move from either a seated posture to...

  • What is sitting disease?

    Calvin: I'm sitting here today in my chair, Linda. I need to know what is Sitting Disease and should I be getting checked. Linda: Well, sitting disease is actually just a fancy term to really highlight how sedentary we've...

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