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Skin Irratation

Last updated: May 27, 2017

What Does Skin Irratation Mean?

Skin irritation refers to toxic effects on the top skin and a state of inflammation, painful reaction or discomfort resulting from exposure to a stimulus, environment or substance. These stimuli, known as irritants, may be chemical agents (capsaicin), mechanical, thermal and radiative stimuli (ultraviolet ray). There are also many physical disorders that can cause chronic skin irritation.

Safeopedia Explains Skin Irratation

Skin irritations caused by agents that trigger inflammatory reactions or impair the skin’s barrier.

Some of the following occupational activities may cause skin irritation:

  • Tight headgear straps or masks
  • Improper sized, worn out or dirty masks
  • Tight socks, belts etc.
  • Irritant substances
  • Extended contact with contaminants

Skin irritations can be reduced or eliminated by the following:

  • Readjusting headgear straps
  • Use proper mask and adjust to make a good seal
  • Use new and clean mask
  • Inspect mask that are worn out
  • Wash mask daily
  • Wash face on completion of work
  • Remove excess facial oils
  • Avoid using facial creams if possible

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