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How can I give my team a worker powered mindset?

By Ted Smith | Last updated: March 18, 2019

The daily experience of the average worker has become increasingly complex. With ever-increasing responsibilities and a broadening scope of their jobs, workers are still being treated as they were a century ago. They’re heavily supervised, not empowered to make important decisions, demotivated and stressed. Many business strategists are claiming that these “low level” jobs should simply be
handed over to AI as factories become “smarter.”

Many people seem captivated by robotics and the potential for tasks to be performed by AI with little to no human involvement. But in order for robots to do anything, they require tremendous amounts of data and information. With current advances in technology, real-time data regarding safety, quality and productivity can literally be placed in workers’ hands. From sensors built into protective equipment, to mobile communication devices that let workers give real-time input, it has never been easier to share data, making
workers an essential, connected component of an efficient and safe operation.

When workers are given the ability to share their input, the entire organization benefits. Connected workers are happier, more engaged, more productive and more comfortable in their workplace and with their jobs. They have a stronger sense of belonging to a team that includes coworkers and management. They have a voice that is not only heard but answered.


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Written by Ted Smith

Profile Picture of Ted Smith

Ted Smith is the CEO and President of Corvex.

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