Safe Operating Methods

Last updated: March 3, 2019

What Does Safe Operating Methods Mean?

Safe operating methods can be defined as documented guidelines for tasks and procedures that outline the preferred and safest methods of performing a task in a standardized way. As identified from the risk assessment, safe operating methods define a process that aims to develop and implement workplace-specific safety systems for work, equipment, plant, hazardous substances, tasks and procedures that have the potential to cause harm or damage.

Safeopedia Explains Safe Operating Methods

The implementation and use of safe operating methods is an integral part of an efficient system because it provides individuals with the necessary information to perform a task properly, and enables consistency in the quality, integrity and safety of that process.

Safe operating methods should be written by a competent person who has technical as well as practical knowledge of the task being performed. Recommendations and consultation with the workers involved in the task should be encouraged. Health and safety experts and practitioners should be involved in the process.



Safe Operation Method

Safe Operational Methods

Safe Operational Method

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