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Safety App

Last updated: March 25, 2019

What Does Safety App Mean?

A safety app is an application to be used with mobile phones and tablets designed to assist with occupational safety. There are a variety of safety apps available that can assist with identifying hazards, as well as organizing documents. A safety app often simply digitizes a common practice, and allows data to be captured and served on a mobile device.

Safeopedia Explains Safety App

A safety app can have a variety of different functions that may be used for different purposes. A safety app might be used to organize inspections or other daily paperwork. Some apps might display data within graphs and allow the user to track trends. A safety app might also assist in identifying hazards on a job site through text, pictures, GPS, and log daily safety inspections. As more and more processes are becoming automated and digitized, more apps are being developed for daily use to eliminate the need for physical paperwork.


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