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Safe System of Work

What Does Safe System of Work Mean?

A safe system of work is a procedure to eliminate the risk involved in an operation. If elimination is not possible, then, at least, to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Safeopedia Explains Safe System of Work

A safe system of work is a procedure to eliminate the risks that are involved in a specific operation. The 1st priority is to eliminate the risks. If that cannot be achieved, then priority falls to lowering the risks involved in the process to acceptable levels. A safe system of work is a part of risk assessment. Once underlying hazards are identified, then different measures can be taken to eliminate (or lower) risks. This can be achieved by different procedures like introducing engineering controls, administrative controls, etc.. For example, introducing a local exhaust ventilation system or guarding the moving parts of the machinery, etc.. As a last resort, providing protective clothing and equipment.


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