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Safety Approach

Last updated: October 14, 2018

What Does Safety Approach Mean?

A safety approach describes the philosophies, activities, and technologies used by an organization or industry to identify risks at the workplace. A safety approach also reduces and hopefully eliminates injuries and accidents, while complying with health and safety legal requirements.

The ultimate objective of applying a suitable and effective safety approach is to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Approach

Occupational health and safety approaches change and improve over time, and it is up to the various industries and organizations to determine which safety approach works for them.

Some examples of safety approaches that are implemented in organizations and industries include the following:

  • Treatment-based safety approach: This approach is partially based on the safety pyramid. The goal of this approach is to eliminate the root causes of injuries and accidents by eliminating the unsafe acts themselves.
  • Hurt-based safety approach: This approach examines how serious an incident was and also how serious the incident could have been.

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