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Environmental Health & Safety Management (EHSM)

Last updated: December 28, 2018

What Does Environmental Health & Safety Management (EHSM) Mean?

Environmental health and safety management (EHSM) is a task completed by a qualified manager upon completion of coursework who is responsible for minimizing risks posed to workers and to the environment. The health and safety manager inspects facilities, identifies potential hazards and take samples of hazardous materials and waste in order to evaluate the level of hazard they present to the health of workers.

Safeopedia Explains Environmental Health & Safety Management (EHSM)

The health and safety manager’s primary goal is to protect people and the environment. The manager ensures compliance with regulations and safety standards, and identifies potentially hazardous materials. Recommendations are made in order to improve workplace safety and minimize environmental impacts. If an accident occurs, the health and safety manager must investigate the incident and find ways to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents. In general, a health and safety manager will have a Masters Degree, workplace experience and will have completed additional environmental health and safety training.


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