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Environmental Management

Last updated: August 21, 2017

What Does Environmental Management Mean?

Environmental management consists of organizing different environmental initiatives to address various ecological issues that are affecting the globe. Environmental management deals with trying to prevent ecological disaster as well as aiding in environmental crises and trying to find appropriate solutions. Environmental management looks at land, marine and atmospheric conditions, such as global warming, marine-life preservation and deforestation.

Safeopedia Explains Environmental Management

The main aim of environmental management is to ensure that we leave the planet in a healthy state for future generations and to help preserve all forms of life, including marine life and vegetation. To do so, environmental managers need to consider the carbon footprint of the current human generation and look at ways to minimize any irreversible damage we are leaving behind. One of the main studies of environmental managers is investigating possible renewable sources of energy, to ensure there is enough fossil fuel, which takes millions of years to regenerate, left once our generation is gone.


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