Last updated: July 9, 2017

What Does EH40 Mean?

EH40, or EH40/2005 Workplace Exposure Limits, refers to the environmental hygiene guidance note issued by the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The guidance note contains a list of workplace exposure limits (WELs), and its purpose is to guide those responsible for controlling exposure to hazardous substances at work.

Safeopedia Explains EH40

The current edition of EH40/2005 is the second edition. It includes new substances as well as new and revised WELs introduced by the 2nd and 3rd Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Values (IOELV) directives.

The EH40/2005 contains advice and guidance about the European occupational exposure limits, workplace exposure limits, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended) (COSHH), and approved workplace exposure limits.

The document is structured as follows:

  • List of WELs
  • Supplementary information for the WELs that includes definitions and substances that are special cases under COSHH or other legislation
  • Setting exposure limits
  • Applying occupational exposure limits
  • Calculation methods
  • Monitoring exposure
  • Mixed exposures

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