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Registered Environmental Manager (REM)

Last updated: November 12, 2018

What Does Registered Environmental Manager (REM) Mean?

A registered environmental manager is responsible for overseeing the environmental running of an organization. As part of their role, they develop, establish and monitor environmental procedures and policies that promote a safe and sustainable atmosphere for both employees and the atmosphere. To receive registration, an individual would be required to possess both theoretical knowledge, as well as on the job experience to support their learning.

Safeopedia Explains Registered Environmental Manager (REM)

As well as overseeing protocol and day to day operations, environmental managers are also in charge of ensuring that all company employees have undergone adequate training. The role of environmental manager is often seen as a lead by example role, so it is imperative that a registered environmental manager takes the lead on all initiatives. This might include recycling and any energy saving policies the company may put in place. To qualify for registration, most countries require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences or equivalent study.


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