Safety Management System

Last updated: October 31, 2017

What Does Safety Management System Mean?

Safety management system (SMS) refers to a systematic approach to managing safety by organizational goals, policy, structure, planning, accountability and safe standard operating procedures. SMS is implemented, monitored, and controlled for continuous improvement, achievement and sustainability in maintaining the standard by managing the risks associated with the organization.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Management System

A safety management system has the following key elements:

  • Policy – a safety policy must be stated in line with the organizational goal
  • Organization – a safety management organization is to be set
  • Planning and implementation – safety planning to be made and implemented
  • Performance evaluation – safety performance to be evaluated periodically
  • Revision for improvement – safety procedures to be reviewed for improvement in case of a major incident, periodically or due to changes in procedures or technology
  • Sustainability – the system must be sustainable to prove its worth

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