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Where Are the Safety Heroes?

By Bryan McWhorter
Published: August 21, 2017
Key Takeaways

We need to shine the light on safety heroes. We need safety role models to emulate, and they deserve recognition for keeping others safe. This is what real heroes do: they protect others.

The Safeopedia logo is a shield, and for good reason. Safeopedia was founded for one purpose: to keep workers safe through awareness and education. We are constantly on the lookout for safety role models because we learn from the successes of others.

Who are the ones out there walking the safety talk? Who are the ones keeping workers safe and leading by example?

The Bat Signal

As a kid, my favorite comic book superhero was Batman. I’m not sure why I liked him, but I was young and I thought he was cool. One thing that stood out to me was the Bat Signal. Whenever Batman was needed, the police would shine the Bat Signal in the sky and wait for the Dark Knight to show up.


In 2008, I took over safety for a large factory with five hundred employees. We had a high accident rate and a poor safety history. The first thing I did was send out my own Bat Signal. I contacted everyone – friends, business contacts, and local resources – asking their help to improve safety. Just like Batman, several safety heroes responded to that signal and came to my aid.

I was amazed (and relieved) by the response of individuals willing to share their time and best practices for keeping workers safe.

Cooks may not like to share their recipes, engineers may keep their project ideas under wraps, and mechanics may be tight-lipped about their trade tips, but safety professionals love sharing how they keep people safe. By sharing their best practices, they know they are spreading safety beyond their own workplace.

Who Are the Safety Heroes You Know?

When safety heroes go unrecognized, we miss out. We miss out on hearing their stories:

  • How did they get into safety?
  • What are their best practices?
  • What’s their number one safety tip?
  • What guidance can they offer others as a blueprint and roadmap for safety success?

Pick any topic – sports, music, art – and here are individuals we acknowledge as experts, the best in their fields. We recognize peak performers. We want to learn from those that have traveled the same road we want to travel. We don’t want to learn everything by experience. Why reinvent the wheel?

Who are the safety heroes that you know? Safeopedia wants to recognize and shine a light on them. A hero is a protector, and we want to honor them. We aspire to be heroes ourselves and need role models.

Heroes are an essential component of any good movie or story. We love seeing:

  • Captain Kirk protecting his crew
  • Yoda protecting Luke as a Jedi master
  • Professor Charles Xavier protecting his X-Men and students
  • Harry Potter protecting his friends and classmates
  • Katniss Everdeen protecting her friends and loved ones during the Hunger Games

And we don't just love seeing protectors in movies; we also need them in real life. Help us identify them and share their story.

We Want to Hear from You!

We are shining our Safeopedia Bat Signal. Where are the safety heroes? Who do you know that is an example of a protector by exemplifying and promoting safety?


We want tell their story so that we can all benefit. Safety is too important to let successes go unnoticed. Let’s share safety best practices and learn from safety's peak performers.

Send us an email at [email protected] or use the our contact page to let us know the name of your safety hero, along with a brief description of why you think they fit the bill.

Safety requires constant attention. Real life heroes provide us with the inspiration and motivation we need. Let's share the stories of these unsung heroes and amplify their safety success.

We take confidence from programs that have already proven successful. Your safety story may have the information someone needs to take their safety program to the next level.

Don’t hesitate. Please take the time now to alert us to your safety hero and what makes them a protector of others. We thank you in advance for your contribution in honoring a safety hero and helping us share their story.


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Written by Bryan McWhorter | Lead Safety Advisor, Author, Writer, Speaker

Profile Picture of Bryan McWhorter

Bryan McWhorter is a safety professional with eight years of experience in driving and teaching safety. Bryan gained his knowledge and experience as the safety officer and Senior Trainer for Philips Lighting. Philips is a strong health and well-being company that promotes a safety first culture.

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