Workplace fires are often caused by sloppy personal smoking habits. Reduce the risk by only smoking in designated smoking areas. Make sure that all smoking materials are clearly extinguished. Flammable chemicals should be in an approved Flammable Storage Cabinet. Ensure that any flammable chemicals are stored away from potential ignition sources.

All employees should be trained on the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Emergency telephone numbers, including the company address, should be posted by phones for quick communication with the fire service.

Arson is the cause of many fires in the workplace. Employees and magnet alike can help prevent arson attacks by diligently locking up, reporting suspicious activity and making sure combustible materials are not left lying around where they can be used by an arsonist.

As an employee, be quick to report any electrical hazard that you come across. Look out for faulty wiring or electrical equipment that is not working properly. Oily rags should be placed in covered metal containers. Ensure that oil waste, including oil covered rags are regularly disposed of.

Ensure that no sprinklers are blocked. All firefighting equipment and emergency exits need to be free of obstructions. Designated smoking areas should be strictly abided by.