Flammable liquids are those with a flash point of less than 100 degrees Celsius. This is the lowest point at which the liquid produces enough vapor to form a flammable mixture with air. Red labels that also contain a fire symbol are used to identify flammable liquids.

Flammable liquid vapors present a serious fire risk. They are easily ignitable or explodable. Because they are heavier than the air, they will settle in low areas, often far removed from the actual liquid.

Vapors in the air have an upper and a lower concentration limit. The lowest explosive limit is the lowest concentration at which the vapor will ignite, with the upper limit being the highest concentration that will ignite.

You can minimize the risk of ignition by checking the MSDS to understand the specific hazards related to the material you are using. Always store flammable liquids in cool, well ventilated areas that are well away from corrosives, oxidizers, and sources of ignition. Make sure that all containers are clearly labeled with ‘flammable liquid’ signs. Do not allow smoking in an area where flammable liquids are kept.

Only approved safety cans should be used to store flammable liquids. Do not pour flammable liquids down a drain or sink.