Good housekeeping around electrical appliances can help prevent workplace fires. Never overload a circuit. Do not connect extension cords to each other (daisy chaining). Undertake regular inspections of electrical equipment and extension cords for damage. Replace any damaged equipment straight away. Make sure that there is always a clear path to emergency exits as well as emergency equipment.

You need to ensure that there is a clear pathway to all electrical control panels. If there is clutter stopping quick access to these panels, it could slow down an emergency shut down in the event of a fire. Make sure, also, that you use and store chemicals properly and safely. Check on both the label and the Material Safety Data Sheet for the level of flammability. Always ensure that there is sufficient ventilation when using chemicals.

As an employer, make sure that you have a clear smoking policy in the workplace that is strictly enforced. Smoking should only take place in designated areas that are clearly signposted. Storerooms and chemical storage areas should always be designated as non-smoking zones.

Employers also need to ensure that all workers know exactly what to do in the case of a fire. Fire safety drills should be conducted regularly and taken seriously by all staff.