If you have electrical hazards, you already know the right PPE can save lives. NFPA 70E outlines four distinct categories of PPE, which this fun video walks you through.

This animated video is the third in a 3-part series about arc flash safety, available online at the Graphic Products YouTube Channel and provides a light-hearted yet memorable look at a serious topic. As many in the electrical services industry know, an arc flash is a powerful burst of heat resulting from an uncontrolled electrical current. It can be triggered when insulation or isolation between electrified conductors is insufficient to withstand the applied voltage. The instantaneous flash can cause severe injury or death.

The video also outlines protection standards set forth by the NFPA, and calculates PPE needed to protect against calories of energy generated by an arc flash arc flash incident—when and if it happens. “Having the right protective gear takes some extra preparation, but it’s critical in working safely and confidently when arc flash hazards are present,” said Graphic Products’ Compliance Specialist Brian McFadden. “This video packs a lot of safety info into less than 2 minutes, and could even safe a life.”