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Chemical Hazards Information Profiles (CHIPS)

Definition - What does Chemical Hazards Information Profiles (CHIPS) mean?

Chemical Hazards Information Profiles (CHIPS) are data files containing the characteristics and properties of a certain chemical that is used to asses it's risks to the environment or health and well-being of humans. This data includes physical and chemical characteristics like bioaccumulation, toxicity, persistence and mobility in different environments among other different properties that may or may not contribute to the threat.

Safeopedia explains Chemical Hazards Information Profiles (CHIPS)

The Chemical Hazards Information Profiles (CHIPS) are based on information in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA's) database. OSHA compiles information from several government agencies and organizations. As well as chemical properties, OSHA's profiles also contain information with regard to sampling and scientific analysis of different chemicals to determine their effect on the environment and humans, as well as exposure limits, health monitoring recommendations, personal protective equipment (PPE) and procedures for control.

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