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What Does Respirator Mean?

A respirator is an item of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is worn over the mouth and nose. It is designed to protect the respiratory system by filtering out hazardous substances like dust or smoke from the surrounding air that is being inhaled by the wearer. There are various forms of respirators with different means of supplying purified air to the wearer. Danger should be assessed carefully before deciding what equipment is appropriate.

Safeopedia Explains Respirator

The several types of respirators include air-purifying respirators, which remove air contaminants by passing ambient air through a filter, atmosphere supplying respirators, which supplies the user with breathing air from a source independent of the ambient air, canister or cartridge respirators, which include a container with a filter, sorbent or catalyst which removes contaminants from the ambient air and demand respirators, which include an atmosphere supplying respirator that only allows air flow when the wearer inhales and creates a vacuum.



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