Pocket Mask

Last updated: December 24, 2016

What Does Pocket Mask Mean?

Pocket masks are used in the resuscitation of patients who have stopped breathing or who are breathing insufficiently and are designed to prevent the spread of potential pathogens during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The self-inflating bag is used to create positive air-pressure, forcing air into the lungs of the patient. A pocket mask might also be referred to as a bag valve mask or Ambu bag.

Safeopedia Explains Pocket Mask

OSHA currently has no requirement for the use of pocket masks in accidents or other emergency situations, however, they are frequently used by ambulance crews and in hospital emergency rooms. Since there is an outside chance of the need for positive air pressure ventilation in the event of workplace accidents or other medical situations, it is advisable for employers to include this piece of equipment in first-aid kits in order to limit the chance of pathogen-transfer between patient and first-aider or first-aider and patient.


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