Supplied Air Respirator

Last updated: March 4, 2018

What Does Supplied Air Respirator Mean?

A supplied air respirator (SAR) is a piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in an environment where the air is contaminated, harmful or uncomfortable for breathing. This PPE provides breathable air continuously or on pressure demand from either a cylinder or a pipe connected to an air-line, compressor, air pumps, air purifier or surface supply hose. The air is delivered to the worker at ambient pressure through a hood, face mask or mouth piece.

Safeopedia Explains Supplied Air Respirator

SAR has following advantages:

  • Cheap, and easy to use and maintain
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Safe breathing for workers working in adverse conditions
  • Pre-heats or cools the air
  • Modular design ensures various combinations of supply

SARs are of various types depending on the source of air and types of delivery methods. Source-based SARs include:

  • Compressed air cylinder respirators
  • Air-line supplied respirators
  • Dual-supply respirators
  • Vortex tube type respirators

Delivery-based SARs include:

  • Hood delivered loose or tight
  • Face sealed type (half or full)
  • Mouth piece type

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