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Air Filter

Last updated: May 5, 2017

What Does Air Filter Mean?

An air filter is a device which removes solid airborne particles that are generally harmful to human health if inhaled in the lungs. Particles include things such as dust, powder, pollen, mold, fibers, germs etc.. It uses a physical and or chemical processes with fibrous pleated paper, foam, cotton, ionizers, activated charcoal, absorbents, chemicals, catalysts etc., and cleans the air to the designed breathable level and odor free for the intended user. Air filters are used in buildings, transportation, public areas and industries where there is air pollution due to the environmental conditions or nature of the job or process.

Safeopedia Explains Air Filter

There are a wide variety of technologies and user defined requirements for air filters, therefore, there are no standardized regulations about the performance and effectiveness of air filters. Many commercial options for air filtration are available for the use of air filtration in homes, workplaces, hospitals, hotels, transports etc.. Choices of filtration units or combinations also vary with the user, location and the size of the area to be treated.

Some of the popular air filters include:

  • High-efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) air filter - absorbs and cleans 99.97% of airborne particles that have a size of 0.3 micrometers or larger, which are particularly sensitive for asthma patients
  • Ionizer air filter - uses ions to attract particles, dusts from a distance by magnetizing and neutralizing particles. It may not be very effective for a room with an asthma patient
  • Activated charcoal air filter - filters fumes, cigarette smoke and some gaseous odors
  • Germicidal ultra violet (UV) air filter - removes germs and viruses from the air by a special UV lamp
  • Ozone generator air filter - generates ozone gas and kills airborne germs. It is not recommended for the residential air cleaning process as it irritates the lungs. This air purifying system is attached to heating or air conditioning unit
  • Portable air filters for smaller rooms

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