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Environmental Health Officer (EHO)

Last updated: August 21, 2017

What Does Environmental Health Officer (EHO) Mean?

An environmental health officer (EHO) is responsible for ensuring compliance of ecological codes required of businesses and public entities that serve the interests of both the general public and environment. This compliance is achieved through facility, site, water, air, and land inspections that may be scheduled, unannounced or the result of a complaint.

Safeopedia Explains Environmental Health Officer (EHO)

An environmental health officer often works for government agencies at the federal, state or local level, but could also represent private business compliance interests. This inspector would be responsible for examining businesses and public entities that generate waste that may be released into the environment. An inspection can include activities such as air, soil and water samples, and the evaluation of the presence of waste that has the potential to be released into the environment. The environmental health officer’s role is to protect the interests of public health and to prevent the spread of pollution into the environment. Inspections often include a detailed report and may lead to follow-up inspections to ensure that identified code violations have been addressed. If the inspector works in the private industry sector, he or she is responsible for ensuring the employer’s compliance with federal, state and local requirements.


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