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Health and Safety Officer (Safety Officer) (HSO)

What Does Health and Safety Officer (Safety Officer) (HSO) Mean?

A health and safety officer (HSO) is a qualified officer responsible for the monitoring and controlling of health and safety compliance and related rules and regulations in his or her organization. This individual promotes safety awareness among employees in a workplace, advises the management on associated laws and regulations, prepares safety policies and trains the employees on safety and health related issues. He or she also maintains the health and safety records of the organization and analyze data for decision making process by the management.

Safeopedia Explains Health and Safety Officer (Safety Officer) (HSO)

A health and safety officer (HSO) is generally responsible for the following duties:

  • Advising the management on safety issues as well as developing health and safety policies and procedures

  • Monitoring and controlling safety and compliance in the organization as per the law and organization's policy

  • Carrying out safety inspections and internal audits and reporting to management with suggestions

  • Ensure preventive measures, administrative control and personal protective equipment are implemented and used

  • Investigate and report accidents and near misses

  • Record keeping of all safety events, training and drills

An HSO needs to have the following general qualifications and competence levels:

  • Basic education of environmental health and safety

  • Working knowledge and experience of environment, health and safety

  • Working knowledge of emergency and safety procedures

  • Working knowledge of laws and regulations related to the environment and workplace health and safety


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