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Safety Officer

Last updated: June 2, 2017

What Does Safety Officer Mean?

A safety officer is an officer who looks after the safety aspects of an organization. He or she is responsible for employee health and safety activities, ensuring the workplace is safe, developing and recommending safety measures, monitoring, anticipating and controlling hazardous and unsafe conditions, initiating and maintaining co-operation within an organization on health and safety matters.

A safety officer is also referred to as a fire and safety officer or a health and safety officer.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Officer

A safety officer is generally responsible for the following:

  • Recognizing occupational health and safety hazards and finding remedies
  • Reduceing or eliminating unsafe conditions, operations or hazards, and finding alternatives
  • Ensuring proper use of personal pretective equipment or PPE
  • Ensuring compliance with various OH&S standards
  • Providing training, health and safety information to employees
  • Investigating accidents, documenting accidents, injuries, safe and unsafe acts, corrective actions taken and recommendations for future incidents
  • Preparing and reviewing the emergency action plan and carrying out the exercise

In some countries, safety officers are mandatory within organizations and businesses. Although, there are relaxations if these activities are looked after directly by the owner or a person from higher management.



Health and Safety Officer, Fire and Safety Officer

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