Workers handling or using chemical substances should be provided with information about the substance and training in the techniques necessary to minimize the risk faced. As a result, training and instruction should be given in:

  • The characteristics of the substances to be handled, the hazards they present and the action to be taken if exposure or containment occurs
  • The system of work which must be followed to ensure that the substance is correctly used in the process and the safe transfer from start process plant, as well as the safe handling of the finished product and safety in the event of a leakage or spillage
  • Any special plant or equipment which is to be used, with particular emphasis on recognizing deviations from normal operation or performance
  • The proper use of PPE, its correct application, cleaning and care, and the reporting of any damage or faults in it
  • Understanding the results obtained from monitoring checks - in the quality of the product, on concentrations in the atmosphere and any measured exposures

All new employees should be given an introduction course, which includes comprehensive training on the safe use of chemical substance handling. All workers should be given regular training updates and refresher courses.