Keep yourself and staff safe by following some basic security measures. Follow a buddy system when walking to or from your vehicle in the parking lot, late in the evening or at night. Limit parking lot access to controlled points. The lot needs to be as well lit as possible. In fact, the extra cost of keeping your entire business well lit outside of business hours will be all worth the crime deterrent factor.

The reception area of your business should always be staffed and all visitors should be registered upon arrival. Windows, doors and locks should be regularly checked and badge or photo ID systems should be used. Suspicious activities or persons should be reported to management immediately. Any suspicious packages received should not be opened, and should also be reported to authorities immediately.

An inventory should be kept of all critical equipment, hardware and software. Personal property and other valuables should be placed in lockable drawers. Anything that reveals personal information should also be locked away securely, especially during company gatherings. Paper documents that contain personal information need to be shredded as soon as they are longer needed. Use the latest security software to protect your computer system and ensure that all information is regularly backed up.