Introducing Our Latest Contributor: Medsafe, Inc.

By Safeopedia Staff
Last updated: September 20, 2018
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Safeopedia is proud to announce our latest contributor: Medsafe, Inc!

Here at Safeopedia, we are always looking for knowledgeable and reputable contributors who can provide high-quality articles, Q&As, and safety moments for our visitors. Today, we are happy to announce that Safeopedia readers can look forward to new and exciting content from our latest contributor, Medsafe, Inc.!


Company History

"Safety Begins With Us" is more than a tagline for Medsafe; it's a way of life. Founded in 1979, Medsafe works out of five fully stocked service facilities in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Today, the company has grown into one of the most substantial privately held distributors of industrial safety, occupational health, industrial hygiene, and medical supplies in the United States.

The company mission is about going beyond compliance into the realm of putting valued employees first, and making sure that workers are equipped every day with what they need to accomplish their jobs and return home safely at the end of the work day.


In order to accomplish this objective, Medsafe combines the technological and service capabilities of an international safety provider with the family feel that makes it comfortable to work with the company on a long-term basis.

User-Friendly Experience

Part of the Medsafe company culture centers on making the purchasing process and experience as easy as possible. The ecommerce site provides attractive graphics alongside clear product descriptions in a user-friendly format. is the online virtual presence of Medsafe, a one-stop shop for the global marketplace leader offering a full line of pre-screened Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Occupational Health Products, Fall Protection and Flame Resistant Garments. Customized products are also available, with Medsafe's in-house designers providing silkscreening, custom sewing, embroidery, and more.

Options for Every Budget and Timeline

Not quite ready to make an equipment purchase investment? Medsafe also offers a flexible solution: a rental program specializing in a broad spectrum of equipment for customers with distinctive needs in the industrial workplace. Rentals are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on need. Some of the items included on the rental program include Air Sampling Pumps, Gas Detection Monitors, Confined Space Kits, Retractable Lifelines, Noise Dosimeters, Quantitative Fit Testers, Temporary Horizontal Lifelines, and Data Logging Sound Meters.

Medsafe is also a factory-authorized repair center certified in gas detection, hoist repair, retractable lifeline repair and fire extinguisher repair.

Focus on Customer Service

With an ever-changing landscape in occupational health and safety, staying informed on the latest product specs and compliance standards is critical. When purchasing under a tight deadline, it's extremely valuable to have someone to talk to that can offer clarification resources. Customers with questions concerning Medsafe's rental or repair programs, or any products or services listed on the ecommerce site, can always call and speak with a customer service representative. also offers links to relevant articles about equipment maintenance and training, best practices for safety applications, resources to help clients stay in compliance and industry updates.


MedSafe provides a wealth of options for any size project, from the vast range of equipment to the variety of ways you can obtain it. With a dedication to user experience and customer service, you will never be left in the dark when working with Medsafe. Get the equipment you need on the terms that work for you, and rest assured you are getting quality products that meet all the latest safety standards. Whether your project is small and local or a major national account, if safety is your mission, it begins with Medsafe.

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Written by Safeopedia Staff

Safeopedia Staff

At Safeopedia, we think safety professionals are unsung superheroes in many workplaces. We aim to support and celebrate these professionals and the work they do by providing easy access to occupational health and safety information, and by reinforcing safe work practices.


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