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Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC)

Last updated: October 26, 2016

What Does Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC) Mean?

The Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC) is a non-profit occupational health and safety training organization based in Texas, USA. Their services include safety training and site-specific safety orientation for contractors. They specialize in health and safety training and certifications for the petro-chemical industry, but also provide training to employees in other sectors.

Safeopedia Explains Industrial Safety Training Council (ISTC)

Highly regulated and occupationally risky sectors, such as the petro-chemical industry, require highly specific health and safety training for employees. The ISTC offers a range of health and safety courses and qualifications ranging from generic core programs to facility site specific programs. Operator qualification courses and other Safety Council programs are covered in their prospectus. Specialized training programs such as Confined Space Competent Person courses, Construction Safety OSHA training and General Industry Safety OSHA are also offered. Several courses are available in Spanish as well as English. Safety training and orientation for contractors and compliance training for full-time plant employees are covered. Training is computer based and specialized training modules are designed when required.The ISTC aims to promote a safe work environment using cost effective methods and serves the petro-chemical as well as other industries.


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