Certified Industrial Hygienist

Last updated: September 3, 2019

What Does Certified Industrial Hygienist Mean?

A certified industrial hygienist (CIH) is a professional whose job it is to protect the health of workers and the general public. A CIH is educated, trained and certified to recognize health hazards, test the environment for those hazards and determine when they pose a risk to those who might be exposed to thiem. They also recommend ways that those affected by particular hazards can protect themselves.

Safeopedia Explains Certified Industrial Hygienist

A certified industrial hygienist will be knowledgeable in all aspects of human health and safety but may specialize in specific areas depending on the industry in which they work or their employer. In the U.S., a CIH will have at least a minimum level of knowledge and information in the following areas:

  • Air sampling and instrumentation
  • Biohazards
  • Biostatistics and epidemiology
  • Community exposure
  • Engineering controls/ventilation
  • Ergonomics
  • Health risk analysis and hazard communication
  • Noise
  • Radiation
  • Thermal stressors
  • Toxicology
  • Work environments and industrial processes

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