Eye Wash

Definition - What does Eye Wash mean?

Eye-wash is a first aid item that is used at eyewash stations or in first aid kits. It is a cleanser for the eyes in the event of chemical eye injury involving acid or alkali which damages the eye tissue, or particles trapped in the eye. This wash can be medicated to provide pain or irritation relief. It is also used to remove dried mucus or discharge from the eyes.

Safeopedia explains Eye Wash

The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) provides standards and regulations for the nature of eye-wash, as well as its placement in a workplace, maintenance and proper use. ANSI requires that the first response for chemical eye injury or particles trapped in the eye is flushing with water. According to ANSI's standard this may be potable water, preserved water, saline solution or any other medically accepted solution. Local laws may apply to some ingredients. Most eye wash kits consist of purified or preserved water or saline solution and some include pain relief or alcohol to aid in cleansing and removing harmful substances.

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