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First Aid Kit

Last updated: November 13, 2018

What Does First Aid Kit Mean?

First aid supplies or first aid kits are collections of life saving equipment that are used by paramedic staff in cases of emergency to increase the life of a victim until a time when the injured can be transferred to a permanent hospital facility.

Safeopedia Explains First Aid Kit

First aid supplies or first aid kits are a combination of medical equipment, medicines and personal protective equipment. The first aid supplies or first aid kits can be designed as per the need, or based on the type of emergency the organization is dealing with. In terms of PPE one can add, but is not limited to, goggles, gloves, surgical mask etc. In terms of instruments, one can add scissors, tweezers, lights, thermometers, torches, cotton swabs, etc. In terms of medicines one can add oral rehydrated salts, absorption, e.g. charcoal.



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