Chemical Eye Injury

Definition - What does Chemical Eye Injury mean?

A chemical eye injury is defined as any eye related injury sustained from a liquid that is either too high or too low on the pH scale. Liquids that are too high are known as alkali, and these cause an alkali injury. Liquids that are too low are known as acids, and these cause acid injury. An alkali injury causes liquefaction necrosis (a legion consisting of the liquid remains of tissue), while an acid injury causes coagulation necrosis (cells are converted to a coagulated, more solid material).

Safeopedia explains Chemical Eye Injury

The way to treat a chemical eye injury is to neutralize and shift the acid or alkali by immediately rinsing the affected eye under a faucet or in a body of water. For severe burns, continue flushing the eye until you see a doctor. The eye should be kept wide open and ensure your hands and those of anyone providing assistance are thoroughly clean of the dangerous substance. Call emergency services immediately for serious burns or see your doctor as soon as possible.

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