Saline Solution for Eyes

Definition - What does Saline Solution for Eyes mean?

Saline solution for eyes is a sterile solution that matches the natural pH of the human eyes and is used in eyewash units in any workplace where accidents involving eye injuries are a workplace hazard. Saline solution for eyes is packaged in sealed cartridges that remain 100% sterile until the eyewash station is used. The solution remains sterile for 24 months as long as the cartridges remain sealed. Sterility is essential in order to prevent infection of injured eyes through common bacteria that are present in tap water.

Safeopedia explains Saline Solution for Eyes

Prior to the 1990's, all eyewash stations made use of potable tap water and were either plumbed in units or portable tank systems. In the late nineties, the earliest sealed cartridge eyewash devices were introduced. The new generation of sealed fluid cartridges is manufactured under completely sterile conditions overcoming the risk of bacterial infection after injury. The saline solution itself can be used for a comprehensive flushing of the eye without causing any discomfort owing to a pH that precisely matches that of human tears.

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