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First Aid

Last updated: November 13, 2018

What Does First Aid Mean?

First aid refers to the immediate treatment of an individual(s) that is injured or ill. First aid is not a full medical treatment, but something that can be done to stabilize a person so they can be moved to a hospital for regular medical treatment, or to preserve life while waiting for medical professionals. First aid is a certification that is required for many professions, and is available from a wide variety of institutions.

Safeopedia Explains First Aid

There are various levels of first aid that are offered, though, most common is standard first aid, or healthcare provider first aid. Typically, CPR and AED training are included in a first aid course. A first aid course prepares individuals to respond in emergency situations, both life threatening and non-life threatening, and provide general medical attention. This can include everything from wound care, to treating hypothermia, to performing CPR. Usually, the first aider takes after the injured or ill until professional medical professionals arrive on scene.


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