Means of Escape

Published: | Updated: August 11, 2019

Definition - What does Means of Escape mean?

A means of escape is a clear, ongoing and obstruction free way to get from any area within a structure to an outside area. There are three parts to a means of escape:

  • Exit access
  • The exit
  • Exit discharge

For a building to be safe, it must have a sufficient number of means of escape. To work out, the number of exits that are required for a building, calculate the capacity of the exits on a floor. That number should be the same as or greater than the total occupant load for that floor.

Safeopedia explains Means of Escape

The exit access portion of a means of escape is the part that is distinct from other parts of the building in order to serve as a protected means of getting to the exit discharge. Exit discharge os the part of the means of escape which lies between the end of the exit and an outside public walk area. It is vital that exit signage is displayed to make clear where the means of escape is located. This signage needs to be a minimum of 300mm x 300mm.

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