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Muster Point

Last updated: December 11, 2019

What Does Muster Point Mean?

A muster point is a designated place or an area where all employees, guests or visitors to the work site, or a large crowd can assemble in case of an emergency.

The muster point ensures that everyone knows where to gather even in the panic of an emergency. The location should be a safe distance from the work site and clear of additional hazards. Muster points also facilitates head counts and other measures that require everyone to be gathered in one place.

It is also known as an emergency assembly point (EAP) or, simply, assembly point.

Safeopedia Explains Muster Point

A designated muster point is an essential safety measure for any work site. These muster points and the routes to them must be well-marked and easily found during night or day. Signs should point the way and mark the location of the muster point. The standard sign design is green and white and depicts three or four figures standing together, usually with four arrows pointing to them.

Muster points must be close enough so that everyone can gather to it quickly during an emergency, but still far enough from the work site so that those who gather are safe from the hazard they're fleeing.

Muster points allow supervisors or other designated personnel to perform a roll-call and identifying any missing employees who may still be on the work site after the evacuation. This information can then be passed on to rescuers or emergency responders. Having all of the employees gathered in one spot also allows medical first responders to quickly identify who might need treatment (for smoke inhalation following a fire, for instance) and to administer it in a timely manner.



Assembly Point, Emergency Assembly Point

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